The Turn of Death

by Richard Benishai

Abidjan, 18 August 2007

Already 10 days that I am in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in a place called the "Plateau". Most remarkable here, is the pollution caused by cars and especially by taxis.

Since my specialty is Geobiology, then I always keep an eye open in terms of man and his environment. In Abidjan, in the middle of the main streets, many children, adolescents and adults sneak around and between cars to sell all kinds of handcrafts, fruits and vegetables.

This is very convenient (for the drivers), but there are disadvantages for both vendors and for cars traveling at high speed.

In fact, people who weave their way between the road cars are causing two things.

The first is that they can be run over or be the cause of traffic accidents. The second is that they continually breathe the exhaust from diesel engines that expel smoke like trains from the last century. Working 2 or 3 years in the middle of those avenues blackened by smoke, they are likely to catch serious respiratory illnesses.

This article has a lot to do with the roads and, in particular, with a section of the highway that serves the town of Yopougon, about 10 km outside the Plateau. Driving by taxi to Yopougon, my friends point out a section of this road where, almost every day, accidents occur.

A view from the turn of death in Abidjan

Questioned about this, the taxi driver tells us that there are demons causing the accidents.

For me, I see this situation as a challenge to put things right.

Armed with my pendulum, my dowsing rods and my antennas, I am going to fight these evil beings that cause so many accidents on this road. A few days later, my friend André and I took another taxi and arrived at this location. After the taxi left, we find ourselves in the midst of heavy traffic and of a cloud of smoke.

My first look is naturally attracted by huge electrical towers nearby. These are 160,000 volts lines, which cross the road at this location.

Although these lines can cause health problems for local residents, they are not normally the cause of road accidents.

I measure the energy level with my pendulum and a graph on the very spot where we got off. The pendulum goes to zero. So I change my protocol and repeat the measure for a negative scale.

I reach a low level of (-) 30,000 Bovis. As a reminder, the Bovis unit is a unit of vitality. Generally, a neutral place vibrates at 12,000 Bovis units. (For more details, please read our article about Energy Parameters).

I also measured the natural magnetic field [of the Earth]. It is non-existent (0%).

The vibration-color for this place is the worst possible: negative green! All my results tell me that we are in an unusual and extremely negative location!

With the antennas I begin to walk in parallel to the road, looking for a telluric fault, which generally gives comparable results. Indeed, there is one.

And what a fault! It is a true underground canyon, over 22 meters wide.

It the middle of the fault, there is a stream of underground water, 7 meters wide. This is what is called a "wet fault".

I check, with my instruments the direction of the fault. It runs from northeast to southwest, crossing the highway. At the center of the fault I record a level, hardly believable, but nothing surprises me more. I measure (-) 220,000 Bovis.

Until now, this is the most negative level that I had the opportunity to measure.

Geobiological study of the turn of death in Abidjan

To correct these adverse effects, I use the same technique that is used to neutralize the veins of underground water. I block the energy released by this "demonic" fault on each side of the highway according to techniques that I teach to my students and I retake the measurements.

The values have changed for the better and the vibration level is at (+) 30,000 Bovis, the magnetic field has increased to 100% and the vibration-color is now purple (which is excellent). The first location measured at the beginning which was (-) 30,000 Bovis, is now up to (+) 24,000 Bovis.

Satisfied with the results, we returned home, convinced that things will be better on the highway.

So, how did accidents happen? The explanation is simple. People who are fatigued by a day's work or who are drowsy while driving over this wet fault, received a blow of negative energy and for a split second, lost consciousness. This short time is sufficient to cause an accident when you are driving fast.

How many lives could be saved all over the world, if we paid a little more attention to these places where fate hounds us demonically?

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