Courses - Basic Workshop - A new approach to Geobiology

This workshop is the sum total of many years of experience and research work. Some topics in Geobiology deserve more attention, others less, and this according to their importance.
Thus, new subjects are introduced to provide a solution to today's problems, in a world that is constantly changing.

Much of the training is set aside for practical field work, following explanations provided in the classroom. The use of the mind is also indicated for certain methods of detection and correction.

Training objectives

To expose each participant to the knowledge and skills necessary for a geobiologist, that is, someone able to analyze a property, detect harmful energies and initiate corrections.
To present techniques used to make a complete energetic harmonization of a property. Today's efforts are concentrated on underground water veins and on cosmo telluric chimneys, which are becoming increasingly numerous. Hartmann and Curry networks are considered less critical, being instantly neutralized during the process of harmonization.

Practical work on a site will present the subject in concrete terms.

The harmonization process in itself consists of a physical side and of a mental side. The method taught requires no change in the arrangement of furniture and no need for artifacts such as stones, special earth, symbols, etc... The teaching of each step in the harmonization process is explained in detail, so that participants are able to fully understand and perform the process for themselves.


The techniques and approaches used in this work are revealed during the course. A logical and orderly process allows geobiologists to note a gradual increase in energy levels, for successive measurements. Participants will develop a sensitivity for detection and dowsing, which will help in analyzing the site.


Day 1 : Basic Geobiology

History of Geobiology

  • The pendulum, what and how
  • Explanation of the 4 graphs used for all the work
  • Demonstration and practice of graphs
The influence of water currents
  • The scientific reason as to why underground water currents are detrimental
  • Practical exercise in the search for underground currents
  • Blocking currents with a physical method and with a mental method – and comparing
  • Chimneys are a big issue these days; how they work, my new discoveries and how to move them
Electromagnetic networks
  • The two relevant networks: Hartmann and Curry
  • Demonstration and practical exercises
  • The Earth and major energy fluxes as a communication network
  • A comprehensive method for all possible problems
  • Locating visual cues
  • Recognition of pathogenic problems
  • Recording of energy levels for each living space
  • Interpretation of results
  • Correcting problems logically and in an orderly succession
  • Comprehensive review of the process
  • Practicing the harmonization process in the classroom

Day 2 :

Harmonization of a home

  • Detection and neutralization underground currents using the mental
  • Detection and moving of chimneys
  • Increasing the energy with the harmonization procedure
Man and his environment
  • Problems in homes, form waves, paranormal experiences
  • Other causes of harmful influences: radon, microwaves, power lines

The necessary tools (telescopic antennas and pendulum) will be available to you throughout the course.
During the training, complete documentation covering all topics will be given, including graphic materials for analysis.

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