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Created by Richard is intended to advance public knowledge and awareness of this very important subject, in Israel and all over the world.


What is Geobiology ?

Geobiology comes from GEO (Earth) and BIO (life). It is the study of the influence of the Earth, on all life.

Geobiology has been known to the Chinese and the Tibetans for thousands of years. Only within the recent years has this old tradition been revived. Over the years of the last millennium, this area was considered by certain cultures, as the work of the devil and many suffered from persecution just for working as dowsers or radiesthesists.

Fortunately, several individuals made some very important recent contributions to Geobiology and this art developed into a science. With the advent of electronic equipment it has been possible to confirm those singularities (underground water streams, cracks, cavities, etc…) which can usually be detected by the dowser’s sensitivity.

What are our goals :

  • To teach all those who wish to know more on how we are influenced by ground radiations, electromagnetic fields and materials.
  • To train as many as possible, within a reasonable time and for maximum skills development.
  • To help my fellow man in exercising his right to a healthy environment.
  • To work for Peace

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