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To illustrate the different areas of intervention of Richard Benishai, we offer some significant evidence.
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Shalom Richard,
Both Morgen and I have noticed quite a difference of energy, in and around our home - lighter...gravity and heaviness not as intense...pain not so severe. I hope this makes sense.

Thankfully, I slept for 4 hours straight last night (unheard of!). I never sleep for 4 hours straight, so this is a definite improvement. By the way, I woke up and decided to check my email 5 minutes after you sent me your message (I can be sensitive, to a fault, at times). I know more improvement will be experienced, but we had a trauma in the family last night, so not really the best time to sense results. Regardless, you have made a very noticeable difference...and we thank you for that. We are most appreciative!

I will give you detailed feedback in the next couple of weeks.
Thank you for all your help and dedication with your kind heart, knowledge, and expertise.

Z. L. California

Hi Richard, I am very very grateful and I am filled with gratitude for you.
Everything has changed in the apartment after the harmonization work was done remotely from Israel.
For your information on March 26, when I woke up, I found a small puddle of water (3 cm) in front of my Hi-Fi, where there is only electricity. I found this as a positive consequence of the work of removal of negative energies.

Thank you very much.

Beautiful day to you.

Ludovic, Paris, France

For the past year and a half my husband has changed.
He only goes out, does not want to be at home, fleeing from me and our children.
He drinks, smokes, buys clothes and speaks about divorce and the need for freedom.
Our parents spoke to him and he says he is disturbed and to be left alone. Out of love and confusion of the new situation, we have begged him to speak to a psychologist.
After 4 months he went to see a psychiatrist. It's been a year since he took pills, with ups and downs.
Three weeks ago, Richard came to harmonize our home and found that in our room there were underground water streams + a chimney on our bed.
Then, when I told him that my husband is mostly at home in the bedroom, he asked me for his picture.
He saw a soul clinging to him and got rid of it. He also neutralized the underground water and other disturbances.
Three days later, it was spectacular: for the first time my husband was feeding yogurt to our baby, spent all of Saturday with us at home, finding pleasure in staying with the children. It is much quieter and there is no longer talk of divorce.
I want to thank Richard for my husband coming back and I hope his return to those who love him will help him fight depression.

Karen (married 36 years + 4 children), Netanya, Israel

Hi Richard,
I am confirming receiving the well-prepared report on the work you have done on our two houses in Trois Epis (Alsace) and want to thank you.
Camille and I went back to Trois Epis and Camille was impressed by the energy given off inside the house.
In addition, for the first time, our children have entered the old building, on their own initiative and there, they walked around calmly! Incredible!
I asked Pierre, Camille's brother, to look at the pictures again and he made the following comments: "I would say that the place vibrates with totally positive vibration (...) there is a very good connection between the Earth and the Skies (...).
In any case it’s really impressive work that Richard has done. " We thank you greatly for the quality of work done and wish you good luck! See you soon, Sincerely,

Michel T.

The life of my sister (who lives in the south-west of France), is a series of sentences, hassles, humiliations and misfortunes. A sequence which we say that it is not imaginable, so much bad luck for a single human being, when will it stop?
One morning in June, I received an SMS from her. I'm at my place of work, 6000 km from there, in the Côte d'Ivoire.
I am paralyzed by this message. She writes: "I think too much about death, forgive me my sister, I love you."
I went to the side and called immediately. She is in tears, I asked, "You took something? "She said," No, but they call me, I was told to come. I'm terrified "
I am too...
It happens that for years I had given up my faith and ruled out any spirituality in my life.

However, for two years I am interested and practice various methods of personal development: yoga, meditation, conscious breathing. Recently I started to practice Reiki. During all these discoveries I had the opportunity to attend a conference presented by Benishai Richard, who had come a few months ago to the Ivory Coast, to get people interested in Geobiology. So I developed a network of people open to listening, to which I immediately turned. I called then South Africa where Mxxx, my friend and Reiki Master, was visiting. A few days earlier I had expressed to her, by mail, my concerns about the future of my sister, who was the fifties, and who after a life of misery, was in a completely blocked situation. MT, having felt the urgent need to help my sister, had begun to send energy from a distance. She said: "You responded quickly, we will get her out of there." From South Africa, she calls Richard Benishai in Israel to ask for his help. While waiting to get in touch with him personally, I ask for advice and assistance from anyone that I know and who are ready to mobilize others, at the other end of the world. Meditation, prayers are for her. We are in Africa and none of those requests ever seem incongruous.
That evening, Richard calls me back; he asked about my sister, her location and asks me to describe the house where she lives. He hangs up after telling me he was going to start working.

I remember being in contact with S., on the Internet. I'm talking; she said that there are voices that call her. I ask her to go out, she says she can not that the house is holding her back. I understand that since she was alone (her companion having left recently) and without work, spending a lot of time alone in the dark on her bed, she is unable to react. She feels "taken away". My sister explains that there is water flowing under the house and the previous inhabitants were killed on motorcycles, one after the other. She said she is inhabited by terror.
Knowing this, Richard calls me. He located the house geographically and has worked on my sister. He paints me an alarming picture.

The energy level of my sister is so low that she no longer has the will to live. That of her home and especially that of her room are catastrophic.
He confirms what my sister has said about water.
Richard complements by telling me that S. lives in a house with 90% of negative influences and 60% of black energy. In addition, he says, she is under the influence of events from previous lives.
There are negative streams, chimneys with a particularly high negative concentration in her room, and souls trapped in the house.
I am stunned, I'm a little familiar with this language, but it's hard to hear. Yet, no doubt comes to my mind. He said that work on S. is completed; she is freed from all these influences, but it is urgent to work on the house.
I send him a plan the next day. My sister seems calmer.
I had suggested her to go sleep somewhere else temporarily, but at this point, it does not seem necessary any longer. We have trust and I feel it when I talk about the imminence of the danger disappearing. These events date back to a couple of weeks ago.

Since Richard has cleaned the house. S. no longer feels this crushing weight on her back, does not hear anyone calling her and in a few days, she has regained a positive attitude and the desire to find her true place in the world. We miss a step back to reflect a radical change in her life. I can say bluntly, is that the intervention of Richard Benishai and the joint efforts all around me, have saved my sister. I'm learning day by day to pay attention to the signs, to the chain of circumstances, of coincidences.
If I had not taken these steps to spirituality, I probably would have taken the first plane and accompanied my sister in psychiatry ... She and I, have we would understood that her life and her discomfort were being managed by those things that we prefer to ignore in our modern world, but sometimes catch up with us? Thanks to Richard. I will keep him posted of the situation and the health of my sister.

N, N'in Côte d'Ivoire

Hi Richard,
I am writing to express my gratitude for your visit to Abidjan.
Now four months since we met and I confess that since, I am getting better.
I regained confidence in life and in myself. And I would like today to share this moment with you.
For over fifteen years I felt a presence that was blocking everything that I attempted and made me a permanent failure. Where things seemed simple and easy to do for some, they would become a real headache and then a nightmare. I always had to start over in spite of myself. Today, thanks to your intervention, thanks to the work you did on my person, my life has returned to normal.
The service you have given me is priceless and I only have this letter to thank you and to thank God through your work.

Again thank you to you, Richard, and your Divine Presence

Patrice, Côte d'Ivoire

Training and Courses

Following a period of 5 days in Fréjairolles in the Tarn, I immediately applied the training I had received.
I had already studied the subject, but with this course, I was really in practice. The two case studies that we conducted as a group quickly helped me to familiarize myself with the various techniques to apply.
So I immediately put into practice the lessons by strictly observing the theory. This was very close to reality.

Christian C., Toulouse, France

Our house is located in an area quite disturbed to the point of view of geobiology. We decided several years ago, to turn to the study of Geobiology in order to remedy the situation that interfered with our health.
For this, we have taken several courses with geobiologists who taught us the basics. But we made great strides later when we turned to Richard BENISHAI with whom we have since done several internships, in Alsace. We learned, among other things, to neutralize faults and underground streams, which allowed us to well rectify our house. With him, we also learned many other interesting things, first for the home and also on Geobiology in the churches and also about high energy places. His teachings were very successful and we have advanced considerably in this area. We urge those wishing to take an interest in Geobiology, even without much knowledge on this subject, to follow his courses that are clear and accessible to all.

Nelly and Jean Nommay, next to Nice



Richard advised me on the choice of a pendulum; while I practiced dowsing for many years. I tried the Super-Isis, and I was amazed by his quick response in sending or receiving. Perfectly balanced, this is a great tool!

Michael, Strasbourg, France

Light Rings

Before a meal with friends, I took a bottle of wine. I opened it and I emptied half a glass in a carafe and the other half I left in the bottle. I rested the bottle in the center of the ring of light for over an hour. Just before serving (without telling our guests) I started by serving the glass carafe and then I used the bottle. All were unanimous in saying that the wine in the bottle was much better, thinner and older than the pitcher ... I invite you to try it!

Christian C., Toulouse, France

Seed of Life

This morning I focused on the visual effects of meditation on the Seed of Life. Placed on the background of a white wall, I distinguished two alternative spectra: one white and one yellow-gold. These two colors give a wave effect or as a bouquet of fireworks.
The white emerges from the yellow-gold, which in turn emerges from the white. One is irradiated by these spectra and this is what explains the reaction of the 7 main chakras that come into rapid vibration. The meridians are connected to these chakras that in turn accelerate the pace and you can feel the vibration effects: a tingling or pain throughout the body: The Chi, or Prana, or energy crossing the points and blocks , both in the Governor Channel (yin) and in the functional channels (yang). The Seed of Life for me will be a powerful tool for the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation. I hope to have found the secret of making progress in this discipline before my next trip to the Tao Gardens in Thailand.
A.K., Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

A beautiful object with a perfect geometry, we see that it was made with great care. A beautiful vibration that connects us with the divine nature of man and invites meditation.

R. Laurent, Paris, France

Richard Benishai

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