by Richard Benishai

This course is intended for all those who enter in contact with people: doctors, dentists, therapists, massagers, etc. The problem we encounter all the time is that people charged with black energies/entities transfer some of these to receptive clients during treatment or contact. The clients, in turn, pass these to others, as for a virus. It is a continuous fight! The course provides the steps, techniques and means to fight against this ever-spreading predicament.

Subjects to be covered:

• How to detect if your patient has black energies and/or entities?
• How to remove black energy and entities from your patient
• How to clean your aura.
• How to put protection around someone.
• How to check the energy levels of the auras.
• Different methods of protection. Put a wall of light from creator around your house/office/clinic.
• Is there another soul inside you? What do you feel? How to get rid of it?
• Can you check yourself for entities?
• Protection with stones.

The course is about 4 to 5 hours